Servant Leaders

  • Katie Canada

    Katie is a wife, mother, and teacher/aide at Petoskey Middle School. We are so grateful for her sweet spirit, hospitality and love for this church and the whole community of Petoskey.

  • Brianna Cleveland

    Brianna is a wife, musician, dancer, mentor, receptionist and soon to be massage therapist. We are grateful for her wisdom, hospitality and love for this church and community and glad she is part of our family!

  • Ken and Nance Kerr

    Ken and Nance Kerr are some of the most loving, hospitable and compassionate people you will ever meet. They are worker bees and love to laugh, have fun and serve the most vulnerable of our community. They do so much behind the scenes, and their love for Jesus and people is contagious. We are blessed to have them as part of the family!

  • Connie Maggrett

    Connie has worked as an X-Ray Tech at McLaren Northern Michigan for the past 10 years. Connie is a wife, mother and a bubbly presence to be around. She loves Jesus, this church and our broader community. We are blessed that she is part of our family!

  • Mindy Go

    Mindy is a Mom to her precious little boy, Johnny, a talented pianist, teacher, and singer. She has a courageous spirit and a heart that spills over the love of God onto others. She is a prayer warrior, and we are so lucky to have her in Leadership. We're thankful her and Johnny are part of our family!

  • Robby Hovie

    Robby Hovie is a young man who is very passionate about his faith and commitment to Jesus. Having been raised at this church, Robby is a true example of a spiritual champion. He is also a Worship Leader. We're thankful for his continued formation and are excited about what it's in store for his future with our church and the community of Petoskey.